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Success Story: How to Get 1.5 Million Fans on Facebook

Sunday, 4:25 pm. 25 minutes ago Ciara Molina - one of the most popular Webnode webmasters on Facebook- published an image with a quote from M. De Unamuno, “He who believes in himself, does not need others to believe in him.” In 27 minutes the image got 1750 likes, 12 comments and was shared by 806 people. If you wonder “Who is Ciara and why has she enjoyed such huge success on Facebook?”, you shouldn’t miss this interview. 
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Webnode Speaks 25 Languages

Celebrating 25 languages!

We are celebrating the International Day of Languages by announcing that Webnode now speaks 25 languages! It’s a milestone we are really proud of. We started with English in 2008, and then Spanish, Czech and Slovak, and already five years have passed. Thousands of hours working side by side with native translators, burning many dictionaries on the way. And all for a mission for everyone to easily create their own website and blog.
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Web of the Month: Wedding Video (Svatební Video)

Jiří Májek started making videos when, a short way away from his home, a Czech movie called Inheritance was being filmed. Soon after, he bought a camera, started shooting his own films, and ventured into shooting weddings and various cultural events. In 1999, he founded his own film studio and decided he wants to have his own website.

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Success Story of Capotreno Gio’: Model Trains and Railways

A success story doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in business, but the joy that comes from a passion, a hobby, and the ability to distract the mind from everyday life. We interviewed Giovanni, who has devoted part of his spare time to building a model railway for his model trains. His website is www.capotrenogio.com.
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New Webnode Templates - Fresh Minimalism for Your E-shop

Eshop templates

Give your online shop an extraordinary design by adding a template from the new set. The original color schemes with a dark background get your products to stand out and will surely enchant new and existing customers! Read more …

X-Ray of compubaba.tk!

It’s time for our monthly X-Ray. This month our specialists took a look at compubaba.tk. With this examination you will learn how to use forms, which font is passé and how to get rid of ads on your website. Continue reading to learn details of our exploration. Read more …

Change Your Look with One of Our 3 New Sets of Templates

With the new season approaching, we prepared three new sets of templates! Take a look at our templates called “Clouds”, “Dolly”, and “Simplia”. Treat yourself to original color combinations and diverse styles to give your website a fresh new look. There is a little something for everyone!

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Lesequoia.eu X-Rayed!

Our monthly X-ray analysis is back! This time, our specialists chose http://www.lesequoia.eu to be examined. Read more to discover what we think could be improved and what tips we suggest to the website owner. Read more …

Success Story: Tango, Managers in Wheelchairs

Zakladatel Tanga Pavel KlempířDo not give up. This is the motto of Pavel Klempíř. A spinal injury deprived him of a promising career as a top sportsman. Rehabilitation, training and commitment helped him get back on his feet. This experience motivated him, in 1994, to found Tango, Managers in Wheelchairs – a company that gives disabled people the opportunity to live a full life and help others. Read more …

Webnode's New Feature is Here: The Form!

Forms on a website can serve many purposes: registering to events, booking a table in your restaurant, subscribing to a newsletter, or showing interest in a product. If you are looking for such a form, we now have a simple solution! It’s convenient for your visitors and saves you time and effort. Use the new innovative forms! They’re available in all websites.

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