Transform Cons to Pros: How to Make Your Website Faster

May 2nd, 2013

how to make your website fasterThe ideal website load time is around 1 second. Why is this the dream of every webmaster? Because the longer your page loading time, the more visitors your website will lose. Let’s go through the points on how to make your website faster even if you’re not a professional webmaster!

To start optimizing the speed of your website, first you have to find out if your website actually needs it. In one of our previous articles, we mentioned how to test website speed. Let’s see how it works!

  • One of the tools described was Pingdom, one of the most popular worldwide.

How to use Pingdom

  • Check the average page loading time in Google Analytics. Go to “Content” – “Website speed”. Here you’ll see how long it actually takes your pages to load for your visitors.

Google analytics

How can they be different? Google Analytics shows data in real time because it takes into consideration the country/region/provider/etc. where the website was loaded from. In the detailed information, you can find out if a long loading time is an issue of a specific country or browser, and not really your webpage.

How to fix your page loading time metrics?

The most common reasons of a slow website are actually quite easy to correct:

  1. Select images wisely

Images are a very important element of a website, but high-resolution images take ages to load. Apart from choosing a smaller resolution for your images, there’re 2 more things you should keep in mind:

  • Format – wrong format of an image can make it heavier than it should be. Choose the most suitable based on your purposes:
    GIF – with few colors (simple image, logo)
    JPEG – many colors and details (photos)
    PNG – high quality images (using layers, transparency etc.)

  • Resizing – you can always resize the image in image properties or with coding. But wait! This is an extra step for the website code. Choose to resize pictures manually in programs like Photoshop or (it’s free), or even use online services like PunyPNG and others.

  1. Don’t overuse widgets

Select only those you really need, meaning the ones your website would lose its functionality without. If you found the widget or plugin that you’d benefit from, try to search for its alternatives: for example both Gravatar and Disqus provide great customizable comments widgets, but Gravatar still loads slightly slower.

  1. Avoid flash files

They can be both heavy and annoying. Think twice if you need it or maybe you’d benefit more from a slideshow instead of a flash file.

  1. Clear the homepage

Depending on your type of business or personal website, sometimes you just can’t avoid using “heavy” elements there – for example a photography website where you want to show off your best photo sessions. Try to keep at least your homepage simple – put just a few of your best works and guide visitors to pages where they’d find your full portfolio.

As you can see, anyone can fix these mistakes and make a website faster with a simple review of website elements. Do you want to know how to improve your website even more? Check our “Develop your website” section to find many tips and tricks!

How fast is YOUR website? Share with us!

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  • We’re glad you found this tip useful!

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    I am very much sure the above ideas will help me a lot

  • If you need to speed up the loading time of your website, for sure these tips will help! Thanks for visiting our blog.

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  • Thanks, your input is appreciated! Visit us regularly for the best tips and tricks on running your website.

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