How to Get a 2nd Date with Your Website Visitor

August 14th, 2013

How to Get a Second Date with Your Website VisitorYou know how scary a first date can be because the two of you don’t know each other well enough? What’s really scary is when you never get a second one. Face it. Your website visitor doesn’t know you yet and it’s up to you to persuade them to go back to your website once more. Read this article to learn how to increase the number of returning visitors.

How to Spot a Problem

Google analytics statisticsFirst you need to understand whether you have a problem of not getting a 2nd chance with your website visitor. A statistical tool like Google Analytics is your best friend to find out if you actually have a problem of visitors not coming back.

On the first page that you see when entering Google Analytics, there’s a metric called Returning visitors vs New for the time period you selected. The overall average number of returning visitors is around 20-30% (source), but it can vary depending on your website topic, sector and many other factors. If you see these metrics and think it’s not enough for you – keep reading!

Make a Good First Impression

Let’s start with the basics – you’ll never get a second date if you screw up your first one with an amateur mistake. Checking if your website design is modern and appealing is as logical as taking a shower before going out. So try to look pretty.

Make sure your design is not just attractive but also user-friendly. Let your visitor feel free to get to know you! Therefore check whether the speed of your website is so slow that it draws people away and also if its navigation is not too complicated to enjoy their user experience.

You’re on a Two-way Street

Your website is not only about you. Be careful about what and how you say things and also give a chance to your visitors to communicate with you.

Listening is the keystone to a relationship

Now when your visitors found what they wanted, invite them to talk to you. A must-have for all websites is a contact form – you’ll let your visitor leave his message the way he wants. It’s a good way to start getting feedback. Learn how you can make your form on your website really personal here.

Another or even supplement option is to put all contact information on the webpage – make sure it has all the information necessary with this tip.

Services like offer a possibility to integrate on your website an online chat by your customer service department – it’s a great way to contact your customers and establish good relations.

Don’t forget the role of social networks – add your page’s “Like box” to your website, so that visitors can follow your news and updates.

So how many kids do you want to have?

This is the last thing you need to ask on your first date. Don’t be too pushy! Too much of anything can scare people away. For example, don’t overuse pop-up windows that appear after 1 second, or registration forms with 15 fields to fill in.

Gossiping with a Best Friend

People talk! When a girl gets home from a date, she’ll probably discuss how it went with her sister or her best friend. She’ll need to hear their opinion and opinion of others who might know the one she went out with. Make sure your visitor will find all this gossip when digging for information about you. Ask others to write a review about you, post on forums, ask customers for feedback, participate in some offline events – get yourself a good reputation.

Make the First Move!

Don’t think too much about who has to make the first move – it’s you! The time has come to show you are interested in your visitor.


The Google AdWords advertising system allows you to show your ads to people who’ve already visited your website later when they are surfing the net. This tool is called remarketing and you can find more information about it here. This can be your “second chance” when your visitor left, but you can engage them to come back.


Email marketing never grows old; it’s still one of the best ways to reach your visitors after they left your website.

In the following example, you can see the results of email marketing. In May, a newsletter was sent to subscribed visitors and returning visitors grew by 9%!

Google analytics statistics

This method is tricky because you have to give your visitor a good reason to give you their email address. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Offer something free for signing up (e-book, webinar, trial period, something useful)
  • Offer a bonus for subscribed visitors (discounts, coupons, contest with a prize)
  • Make signing up as easy as possible (3-4 fields tops)

What’s the percentage of returning visitors on your website? How do you work with it?

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